Men’s Rally in the Valley

    Friday, May 1st, 2015

    Union County Stadium

Times:   5:30 – Men’s March
6:00 – Tailgate at Union County Stadium Parking Lot
7:00 – Men’s Rally in the Stadium


Our communities in Union County are in need of a spiritual awakening, an awakening that needs to be led by men.  Sixty-six percent of Union County is unchurched or lost.  God calls men to be the spiritual leaders of our families and in our churches.  In order to change things in our communities for the better, we need to do something to reach the men that make up part of this sixty-six percent.  By reaching these men, we will see a spiritual transformation in families, relationships, churches, and in our entire county.  

Objectives for the Rally:

• To reach men for Christ and encourage them spiritually

• To help the discouraged be encouraged and the hopeless find hope

• To foster unity and cooperation that reaches across denominations and ethnicities

• To see the Gospel transform the lives of men, and thereby their families, and our communities

• To offer next steps for men to meet with men in small groups where on-going community, spiritual

  growth, and encouragement takes place

It is our desire to come together as men, for men, to see

Union County transformed by Jesus Christ